The following home study courses are pre-approved for all licensed counselors in Ohio (provider ID: RCX030902) and all licensed social workers (provider ID: RSX082001) by the state of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board.  To register for any home study courses please click on the registration button below and then click on the payment button.  Once River of Life Professional Counseling LLC has received both your regstration and payment you will be sent instructions as to how to complete your courses.  All courses have an audio component  and some additionally have videos to watch.  In order to receive credit for completion of a course you must complete the home study test accompanying that course per board rules.

Approved Continuing Education Courses For Counselors
  • Beyond The Medical Model: Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Strengths Focused Approaches
  • Everyone Matters: Culturally Sensitive Counseling (meets the board requirement for cultural diversity)
  • Grieving With Grace
  • Rethinking Resistance and Conflict
  • Setting Ethical Expectations in Mental Health Agencies (meets the board requirement for ethics)
  • Super Vision: Reconceptualizing Different Approaches to Mental Health Supervision (meets the board requirement for supervision)
  • Transforming Trauma
  • Turning Anxious Anticipation into Possibilities

One Course- $60
Two Courses- $100 (save $20)
Three Courses- $150 (save $30)
Four Courses- $200 (save $40)
Five Courses- $250 (save $50)