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Provider ID: RCX030902 (LPC, LPCC, LPCC-S in Ohio), RSX082001 (LSW, LISW, LISW-S in Ohio)
Presenter: Michele D. Sparks, LPCC

Beyond The Medical Model: Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Strengths Focused Approaches- This 6 CEU seminar highlights how in spite of the medical model being the common go to model for the mental health field it may not always offer the most effective approach for all clients.  The seminar highlights considerations of other approaches which may benefit clients in other ways.  Specific tenants of Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Strengths Based approaches are referred to as alternatives to the medical model which clients may find welcoming.

Everyone Matters: Culturally Sensitive Counseling-  This 6 CEU seminar explores how to individualize the assessment and treatment process for clients such that their unique blend of cultural issues is taken into consideration.  Participants will learn how to explore cultural variables on multiple levels simultaneously to meet each client where he or she is at.  

Grieving With Grace- Grief is a process unique to each individual.  As such people tend to be hard on themselves as others, uncomfortable with the topic of grief and loss ,and eager to move beyond distressing situations quickly.  However, it is possible for clients to learn to grieve with grace by allowing themselves the freedom to process grief in their own unique styles, with flexibility as the needs and boundaries change over time.  Rather than thinking of grief as a linear step by step process grief is reconceptualized as a way of learning to reintegrate significant people, places, and memories into one's life in a new but menaningful way.

Rethinking Resistance and Conflict- It was once taught that resistance was a red flag to be noticed and feared.  However, over time we have learned that resistance can be a meaningful therapeutic tool when managed clinically with care and timing.  Participants will learn that triggers to conflict need not always be avoided but may be able to be used to foster client strengths based skills.  This 6 CEU course offers participants considerations for identifying and managing resistance as well as reconceptualizing conflict as a catalyst in fostering change.

Setting Ethical Expectations in Mental Health Agencies- Often clinicians think of "being ethical" in terms of a magical list of dos and don'ts.  However, ethics may be concpetualized as a natural part of the process of the work we do at mental health agencies from initial contact through the entire treatment process.  In this manner ethics becomes a lifestyle of the therapeutic exchanges between clinician and client.  This 6 CEU seminar prepares participants to think in terms of ethical exchanges being a normal, natural part of the therapeutic alliance.

Super Vision: Reconceptualizing Different Approaches to Mental Health Supervision- This 6 CEU seminar assists participants in developing an overview of various supervision theories and models.  Participants will learn how to identify and integrate models for various supervisees based on their developmental levels, personal and professional goals, and the nature of the supervision relationship.

Transforming Trauma- Dealing with clients who manifest trauma symptoms can be difficult to navigate.  This 6 CEU seminar teaches participants about the various considerations that are important to working with clients with trauma issues at various developmental levels.  Participants will develop a broad toolbox of skills which may be used in working with traumatized clients.

Turning Anxious Anticipation into Possibilities-  This 6 CEU seminar teaches clinicians how to work with clients who present with anxiety issues.  Specifically clinicians will learn how to assist clients with the transition from their presenting concerns and toxic fear, worry and dread to realistic concerns of healthy rational possibilties in life.