Sometimes you may wonder, "how is my coming to counseling going to change anything?"  You may feel like your concerns can only get better if people around you or situations change.  Perhaps your spouse, kids, employer, community, or loved ones may never agree to come to counseling or may not think anything needs to change.  Perhaps you are still wenting help regarding something someone else said or did, something from the past, or in a situation where the other party is not accesible or may may not be willing to come to counseling. 

This is why River of Life Professional Counseling takes the approach of "one life at a time."  Often times when one person in the marriage, group, family, or workplace re-evaluates his or her life it causes other around to notice the "newness" or changes and to re-evaluate too. 

Sometimes when one party (whether or not that party believes he/she is the "repsonsible one for the presenting problem") comes in and learns skills, coping mechanisms, and productive beahviors and responses it can cause subsequent reactions and changes in the system.

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