Family Counseling Draws on Strengths and

Builds on Growth Areas


The Family is what we call a "system" in counseling.  What one person does can impact others within the sytem.  For example, if a parent or caregiver is struggling in an area it may impact the well being of not only that person individually but the children, grandchildren, or others in the home as well.  Likewise, if a child, extended relative, or someone within the family system has issues or concerns it will influence the parents, caregivers, siblings, and others in the home.


With the rise of nontraditional families and multi-generational families "family" has also taken on a variety of meanings.  Nonetheless, as a "small commmunity" the "family" has so many interactional dynamics all in play under one roof.

The interplay betwen these multiple factors may be difficult to navigate.  A counselor who is able to take a systems approach is able to help the family or household as the client.

Examples of this may include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Parents/children/spouses
  • Grandparents or relatives raising grandchildren
  • Persons who have invited or allowed others to temporarily live within their home who are part of the system (e.g. an ailing parent, a relative, a foster child, a friend or roomate)


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