Pre-marital, Relational and Marital Counseling

To Improve Your Relationships

Any relationship can have its ups and downs.  Dating, relationships,and marriage can be challenging at times to navigate when you are right in the middle of them. Of course, your perspective makes perfect sense to you.  That's why it is sometimes useful to elicit the assistance of a counselor who has worked with couples and knows techniques specific to counseling couples.

Some of the many assessments and treatment approaches we use here at River of Life include:

PREPARE/MATE/ENRICH standardized self report test which aseses 12 different dimensions of growth and weakness areas to determine areas which could use some improvement and areas of strength which can be built upon.

20 Guidelines For Fighting Fair to help each increase overall awareness of where they are at with ingredients of healthy marraiage commitment, communication, respect, etc.

Marital Relationship Priorities Assesment to identify how each partner prioritizes personal and relational needs and to assit them in building specific behaviors whihc meet those needs

Training in Communication Techniques to help in respectful, assertive direct communication of personal wants and needs, checking in with other's meanings of things, and to define and implement behavioral goals to achieve a mutually satisfying relationship

Awareness of Individual Thought Patterns and Assumptions to reduce blame and unhealthy "if__ then __" contingencies on the other while taking personal responsibilty for each one's individual part in the relationship  

Strengths Based Solution-Focused Work to get you back to what has worked in the past

Family and Systems Approaches to address the interactions between spouses, parents/children, and other interpersonal dynamics

                                                                                       ....... and many more