How do I get started?  Call (614) 353-4157 and we will answer any questions, provide information, and schedule services requested.

How long do sessions last? Sessions are usually 45-50 minutes, the standard for a typical counseling session.

How long will this last? Many issues determine the length of treatment and prognosis. In the first few sessions treatment goals are explored including frequency of sessions, counseling modalities used for the presenting issues, and the length of treatment. In general the more overlapping issues, the longer and more pervasive the issues, and the less the client is willing to practice skills outside of session the longer the treatment. Counseling regarding the initial presenting concern(s) may raise other related issues which may need to also be explored. Scheduling and financial considerations may also be factor in determining the length and course of treatment.

How do I pay for this? We try to be reasonable and affordable yet consistent with the rates for an independently licensed professional counselor with the specific competency areas of River of Life.  Fees for outpatient counseling are payable by cash, check or credit card.