Instructions for Taking Tests and Receiving Certificates

In order to receive a certificate of completion for each course you must listen to the respective audios and pass the corresponding mandatory test associated with each course.  Your test results will be sent to us via e mail and will be date and time stamped.  You will receive a printable certificate dated the day you complete each test.  When you successfuly pass all tests in the program you will receive the Helping and Mentoring Certificate.

NOTE: This certificate is NOT an accredited degree or diploma from any college or universty and should not be portrayed as such. It does NOT give you the ability to call yourself a counselor or to diagnose and treat as a licensed counselor. 

You can use your certificate to:
  • further your interpersonal skills
  • advance your leadership skills in your position on your job, minstry, or organization
  • enhance your knowledge and applications in teamwork and building
Developing Flexibility and Resiliency in the Face of Stress- TEST- CLICK HERE
Caring Within Boundaries- TEST- CLICK HERE
Cultural Considerations in Dealing With People- TEST CLICK HERE
Christian Care For Hurting People- TEST- CLICK HERE
Dealing With Shame- TEST-CLICK HERE
Instilling Hope And Decreasing Defensiveness- TEST-CLICK HERE
Overcoming The Pain Of Offense and Unforgiveness- TEST- CLICK HERE