The Helping and Mentoring Outreach Certificate
By River of Life Professional Counseling LLC

  • Do you work with people and want to enhance your people skills in your outreach, business, ministry, or organization?
  • Would you like to learn principles from cutting edge research and practical interpersonal skills which are effective for healthy communication?
  • Is it particularly important to communicate compassion, care, and genuine concern for others is your line of work or ministry?
  • Would you like to know helpful suggestions for interacting with a variety of persons even in some tough situations?
  • Would you ultimately like to teach some of the business, team, organization, ministry, or groups you are associated with some of these skills as well?

If you answered yes to the above questions then you are a perfect candidate for the “Helping and Mentoring Certificate” offered through River of Life Professional Counseling LLC.  Through taking seven courses by audio in the convenience of your home or office via the internet 24 hours per day you can enhance your people skills. 

Courses include:
  • Developing Flexibility and Resilience in the Face of Stress
  • Caring Within Boundaries
  • Cultural Considerations in Dealing With People
  • Christian Care for Hurting People
  • Dealing with Shame
  • Instilling Hope and Decreasing Defensiveness
  • Overcoming The Pain of Offense and Unforgiveness

The Process to Receiving your Helping and Mentoring Care Certificate:
  1. Register online by completing the helping and mentoring registration form.
  2. Pay the $500 fee for the program through the website.  Only once we have received your payment is your registration considered to be active.
  3. Listen to the audios or videos associated with each of the programs.
  4. Take the mandatory test for each program. 
  5. Receive individual certificates via e mail upon receiving a passing grade on the tests for each course.  When all courses in the program are completed you will receive a final certificate stating that you have achieved the Helping and Mentoring Care Certificate.
NOTE: This audio instruction program is not a diploma from an accredited state, national, or internal registered educational institution and should not be portrayed to be such. The courses legally do not allow you to use the term counselor or portray yourself as a professional with licensed credentials in any state of the United States or any country internationally.  The courses serve as skill enhancement for mentoring and interpersonal outreach development.  All courses are taught by Michele D. Aluoch, owner and director of River of Life Professional Counseling, LLC in Columbus, Ohio USA.

For additional questions or registration information:
Michele D. Aluoch
377 Lilyfield Lane
Galloway, OH 43119 (USA)
(614) 353-4157
E mail: