The following home study courses are pre-approved for Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors, and Supervising Counselors in Ohio by the state of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board.  To register for any home study courses please click on the registration button below and then click on the payment button.  Once River of Life Professional Counseling LLC has received both your regstration and payment you will be sent instructions as to how to complete your courses.  All courses have an audio component  and some additionally have videos to watch.  In order to receive credit for completion of a course you must complete the home study test accompanying that course per board rules.

Approved Continuing Education Courses For Counselors

  • The Art of Listening
  • Building Intimacy in Couples
  • Components of Culturally Sensitive Counseling
  • De-Stressing And Preventing Burnout
  • Elements of Effective Supervision
  • Encouraging Ethical Encounters
  • I Don’t Know Who I am Anymore: Toxic Relationships
  • Improving Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Mental Health
  • Parenting for Prosocial Outcomes
  • Professional and Ethically Sound Religious Based Therapy
  • Teasing, Bullying And Beyond
  • To B Or Not To B: Working With Cluster B Personalities
  • Why Clients Struggle
One Course- $60
Two Courses- $100 (save $20)
Three Courses- $150 (save $30)
Four Courses- $200 (save $40)
Five Courses- $250 (save $50)