The Art of Listening- This 6 CEU seminar highlights the importance of foundations of listening.  Types of listeners are highlighted as well as how to listen for genuine empathy and behavior change.  Various techniques for listening are introduced.  Ways to listen to not just words but to nonverbals, themes, contradictions, and cultural differences are explored.  By the end of this seminar participants will be able to authentically immerse themselves in the therapeutic partnership with a depth of effective listening that opens the door for behavior change.

Building Intimacy in Couples- This 6 CEU seminar highlights how multi-dimensional intimacy and closeness in a couple relationship can be.  Various techniques for teaching couples effective communication, conflict management, self regulation, loving how the other experiences love, and other techniques are taught.  This seminar highlights how addressing any one of these skills effectively helps foster more physical and emotional oneness in marriage.

Components of Culturally Sensitive Counseling- The elements which are essential to make clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment culturally relevant are each explored.  In this 6 CEU seminar participants will learn to do away with standardized one-size-fits-all ways of approaching mental disorders in favor of individualized treatment goals and personally relevant culturally sensitive solutions.

De-Stressing And Preventing Burnout- This 6 CEU seminar helps participants be aware of the cognitive behavioral messages and factors which contribute to burnout among mental health professionals.  Multiple exercises are given to help participants embrace overall  wellness. 

Elements of Effective Supervision- This 6 CEU seminar addresses the critical issues which are central to an effective clinical supervision relationship.  Scenarios are explored in terms of addressing each of the supervision dynamics. Attendees will be able to self evaluate such considerations in their own clinical supervision relationships to maximize supervision effectiveness. This seminar meets the board requirement for supervision.

Encouraging Ethical Encounters-  This 6 CEU seminar will teach participants what issues and questions need to proactively be pursued to be ethical.  Rather than just looking at what behaviors to avoid this seminar looks at how to develop and build skills which tend to be found among ethical practitioners.  By the end of the seminar participants should be able to learn how to apply these ethical skills across a host of scenarios. This seminar meets the board requirement for ethics.

I Don’t Know Who I am Anymore: Toxic Relationships – Often mental health symptoms and diagnoses can be at least in part the result of unhealthy interpersonal dynamics.  This 6 CEU seminar teaches people to identify the unhealthy dynamics at play in toxic relationships as well as how to develop healthy distance and self care. 

Improving Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Mental Health- In mental health settings we often find that while various disciplines all purport to be focusing on the well being of clients that each discipline often has a different way of approaching client issues.  Participants will learn how to avoid pitfalls of power struggles, miscommunication, and territorialism inherent in team settings.  Instead participants will learn the elements of effective interdisciplinary mental health teams and will develop ways to build prosocial communication with colleagues which truly benefits clients.

Parenting for Prosocial Outcomes- Parents have an ability to bring the best out of their children if they only know how to do this.  This 6 CEU seminar demonstrates how clinicians can teach parents to set up their children for healthy prosocial behavioral outcomes.  Participants will develop a host of techniques for proactively enhancing positive outcomes instead of waiting to  correcting and disciplining problem behaviors.

Professional and Ethically Sound Religious Based Therapy- There is a population of clients who prefer clinical counseling which incorporates their religious or spiritual worldviews.  There are ways to respect the religious culture of the client while remaining ethically and clinically sound.  This 6 CEU seminar will demonstrate how to adhere to clinically and professionally relevant techniques which are scientifically efficacious.

Teasing, Bullying And Beyond- The epidemic of bullying and victimization among school-aged children is a critical issue today.  In this 6 CEU seminar participants will be able to Identify the roles of those in the bully cycle.  In addition, they will learn clinical approaches for dealing with bullies, victims, bully-victims, bystanders, and the system as a whole. This seminar will address both in person and cyberbullying as well as prevention skills.

To B Or Not To B: Working With Cluster B Personalities- One of the most misunderstood and challenging populations for many clinicians is that of Cluster B Personality Disorders.  However, this 6 CEU seminar will demonstrate that there are ways that even these clients can be dealt with.  For example, the attributes which are frequently deemed distasteful can actually be cues as to what a therapist can use in counseling to speak the client’s language toward recovery.  Case examples will be demonstrated.

Why Clients Struggle- There are common areas that clients tend to get hung up on.  If we as therapists can identify these areas and work on them we can get past impasses, relate to clients on their levels, and truly develop an effective therapeutic alliance.  This 6 CEU seminar will teach counselors how to overcome pitfalls that could hinder therapeutic effectiveness.