2018-2020 Home Studies Through River of Life Professional Counseling LLC
Provider ID: RCX030902
  • Assisting Clients in Reworking Irrational Thoughts- 6 CEUs
  • Cultivating Positive Thinking and Future Orientation in Clients- 6 CEUs
  • Defining and Building Multicultural Competence- 6 CEUs
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Cluster B Personality Disorders- 6 CEUs
  • Foundations of Positive Parenting- 6 CEUs                                                                     
  • Helping Clients Redefine Relationships after Rifts- 6 CEUs
  • Ingredients For Successful Clinical Supervision – 6 CEUs
  • Learning To Love, Fix, and Care Less- Clients in Relationships with Toxic Others-  6 CEUs
  • Shame On Me, Shame on You: The Role of Shame in the Formation & Maintenance of Mental Illness-6 CEUs
  • The Ethical Dilemmas We Face as Clinicians and the Skills to Solve Them- 6 CEUs