Finding Purpose and Meaning
Finding Purpose and Meaning
 for new horizons
 Building Social and Community Support Resources
 Finding health and wellness
 Cherishing Meaningful Interactions
Considering New Possibilties
 Considering New Possibilities
Renewed Perspective
 Restored Hope in Humanity
Finding Purpose and Meaning
 for new horizons

Caring, Compassionate Counseling Is Within Reach

Due to concerns about Coronovirus clients will have the option of utilizing video sessions.  The application used is HIPPA compliant.  If you are an interested in becoming a new client or are an existing client please consider installing the video application at:
Please call (614) 353-4157 to discuss with your therapist this video conferencing option prior to future appointments.
Michele Sparks, LPCC- owner, director
River of Life Professional Counseling LLC
You may be going through something that feels challenging to bear alone. Maybe you've always tried to "be the strong one."  Maybe you are used to "being responsible" but now there are just too many things at the same time to juggle.  Perhaps your support systems are few or are not readily available to help.  Maybe it is easier to just talk to someone who is outside the mix of people in your life.

Whatever the situation you do not have to go through your issues or concerns alone.  Reaching out for counseling does not make you "needy", "a failure", or "not strong anymore."  In fact it may be your first step to working through important issues and possibly finding the healing you hope for.

If you are interested in learning more about counseling through River of Life Professional Counseling LLC please call (614) 353-4157.
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